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Holmes and Flinders Reef

Holmes & Flinders are two unique atolls which lie a mere 50NM apart from each other off the coast of Far North Queensland, Australia. Holmes is approximately 115NM East Northeast of Cairns and Flinders is 50nm to the South West. Our focus here is predominately on Dogtooth Tuna, targeting them primarily on topwater and then on the jig.


Group Size

9 max


7 Nights & 6 Full Fishing Days

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Mothership +
3 Sportsfishers



Tour Overview

Holmes Reef is named after the young Captain Henry Holmes whose ship, the Thomasine, sank here on route to Hong Kong at a time when the reef was uncharted. Happily, Holmes and most of his crew survived. The location of these atolls is what makes them so special. They sit right in the middle of the east Australian current which is running down the coast and with it bringing a plethora of pelagic species. They are also home to the breeding aggregations of GT, s we call mobile bommies during the right time of year. You can expect to catch a wide variety of species out at these locations from GT’s, Wahoo, big Doggies and Yellowfin, Bluefin, black jacks and the list goes on. If the weather permits or the fishing leads us to flinders here is a little info for you.


It was Matthew Flinders who named the reef, the Great Barrier Reef as he travelled north for a second time after one of his ships ran aground on Wreck Reef the made a safe passage through the reef still called Flinders passage today. The reef has a decent size sand cay which also offers anglers the option for a land-based walk and stalk for fish cruising close by the cay. The smaller reef to the south known as South Flinders is also a great option to run to when the weather permits. These areas see large Yellowfin busting up on the surface quite consistently. Along the reef edges you’ll find the usual Coral Sea critters such as Dogtooth, Long Nose Emperor, Large Trout, GT’s and Wahoo.


This trip Is primarily focused on targeting Dogtooth Tuna, however we do encounter many other species on this trips as bycatch and when we do catch GT’s they are generally oversized. Anglers should be equipped and prepared for heavy casting and heavy jigging throughout the trip.



Holmes and Flinders Reef Species


Day 1

Arrive at Mothship

Day 2-7

Fish all day

Day 8

Depart Mothership

Rod & Reel Hire Available

If you don’t have your own gear, don’t worry!! We have extremely high end gear available to our guests for hire, it is a one-off fee for the duration of the trip. We make sure it is maintained and kept up to the condition it needs to be to stop those giants. Our rods are ASWB Indian Pacific GT Tamer PE 8-10 rods, paired up with a Shimano 18000SW Saragosa and spooled with 100lb P8 braid by Platypus fishing lines. The light outfits are also ASWB PE 4-5 outfits paired with Shimano Saragosa 6000SW spooled with Platypus P8 50lb braid. 

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