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Bligh Reef

AKA ‘JURASSIC PARK’ The Bligh Reef area has got itself a reputation over the years for being that place where just about anything goes. The variety of species available here is mind-blowing.


Group Size

9 max


7 Nights & 6 Full Fishing Days

Time To Go



Mothership + 
3 Sportsfishers



Tour Overview

Anglers who wish to target a variety of species by various means of fishing, this is your destination. Located some 300NM from Cairns in Far North Queensland. The Bligh Reef area we fish is off one of the most remote stretches of coastline on the eastern seaboard. This is what makes this location one of the most diverse fisheries we have found to date.

Fishing the outside edges for pelagics like, Big Dogtooth Tuna, Yellow fin, Spanish and Wahoo are very productive and can be achieved by casting, trolling or jigging. Otherwise, you can drift the expansive reef flats and Blue Holes, sight fishing for the myriad of reef species that inhabit this hostile environment that is their backyard. Watch on as teams of different species race towards your lure to be the first one to the bait. If this doesn’t get you excited not much else will! This location really does cater for all anglers of different skill levels and different fishing styles.



Ribbon Reefs Species


Day 1

Arrive at Mothership

Day 2-7

Fish all day

Day 8

Depart Mothership

Rod & Reel Hire Available

If you don’t have your own gear, don’t worry!! We have extremely high end gear available to our guests for hire, it is a one-off fee for the duration of the trip. We make sure it is maintained and kept up to the condition it needs to be to stop those giants. Our rods are ASWB Indian Pacific GT Tamer PE 8-10 rods, paired up with a Shimano 18000SW Saragosa and spooled with 100lb P8 braid by Platypus fishing lines. The light outfits are also ASWB PE 4-5 outfits paired with Shimano Saragosa 6000SW spooled with Platypus P8 50lb braid. 

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