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Ashmore Reef

This trip is one that pushes all limits – not only will we be taking you to the limits of Australia’s territorial waters. We will be pushing the limits on your gear, stamina, and skill as you battle some of the biggest fish the GBR and Coral Sea has to offer.


Group Size

9 max


7 Nights & 6 Full Fishing Days

Time To Go



Mothership +
3 Sportsfishers



Tour Overview

When we decided to keep going further in search of the ultimate destination we had to stop here, if we carried on another few miles, we would be in PNG waters, so it wasn’t by choice we ended up at Ashmore Reef – the buck stops here. We are fortunate enough to have built relationships within the local Torres Strait communities and elders who inhabit this region and with their permission we are allowed to transit and fish these waters. Fishing your way through the Torres Strait and into the Coral Sea to Ashmore you certainly feel a sense of stepping back in time as you weave your way through the prehistoric islands that scatter the region. They paint a majestic backdrop of flat coral cays and islands resembling Maldivian attributes.

The Ashmore atoll and surrounding reefs are what draws attention to us when we visit the area but this must not be overshadowed by the extremely productive fishing to be had around the hardline and surrounding islands to the west. Our primary target species here are GT’s, Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and the list of regular reef species we encounter on our other GBR trips. 

Anglers looking to join us to this destination will be looking at testing their stamina in the equatorial heat, testing their gear to big fish and locked drags, testing their ability to hold on and keep casting. Ashmore reef is the limit when it comes to exploration into North Queensland and with that brings the limit on everything else. Make sure your socks are pulled up and everything is in order because you may not get a second chance.



Ashmore Reef Species


Day 1

Arrive at Mothership

Day 2-7

Fish all day

Day 8

Depart Mothership

What Customers Say

Rod & Reel Hire Available

If you don’t have your own gear, don’t worry!! We have extremely high end gear available to our guests for hire, it is a one-off fee for the duration of the trip. We make sure it is maintained and kept up to the condition it needs to be to stop those giants. Our rods are ASWB Indian Pacific GT Tamer PE 8-10 rods, paired up with a Shimano 18000SW Saragosa and spooled with 100lb P8 braid by Platypus fishing lines. The light outfits are also ASWB PE 4-5 outfits paired with Shimano Saragosa 6000SW spooled with Platypus P8 50lb braid. 

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