32ft Centre Console

32ft Centre Console


‘Scutes’ – pronounced ‘Scoots” for a couple of reasons she does scoot along in any sea conditions and also referring back to the sharp scutes on the GT’s tail which is like her hull – she cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter.

Built in Sarasota, Florida in the USA this vessel has had no shortage of RnD with the team at Andros Boatworks. This vessel is designed by Michael Peters who is a world-renowned centre console designer for several market leading centre console boats in the USA, so we really had peace of mind when looking at these from the start. Don’t let her size lead you to believe she cant get into the shallows like the smaller boats – this boat only needs an impressive 0.4m to float in!

Scutes has been our flagship vessel since conception, and she is the backbone of our operation. Once you’ve spent a day on the water with her you’ll know what I mean. There is not much that beats running out in 25 knots and sitting comfortably like its blowing 10 knots as you prepare to start your days fishing. She is also equipped with state-of-the-art navigational equipment from Simrad and a JL Audio sound system that gets the heart rate up on the run out to the grounds and the run home.

The space available on this boat for topwater casting is something you have to experience in person and once you do she will have you coming back for more. Working lures on the foredeck or ‘dancefloor’ as we like to call it is a platform like no other. She is also equipped with a dual command station to assist the Captain in spotting bait, current or cruising fish which will give you the extra edge to maximise your chances during the day. Powered by twin 300HP Yamaha outboards she gets up and runs in excess of 45 knots which is way to fast for anyone.

Most enjoyable thing about this boat is the space available for groups of up to 6, whether it’s a family group or a group of hardcore fisherman who take turns casting in groups of four this boat capable to just about anything and you can rest assured no matter what the conditions are you’ll be riding in style and comfort in this rig!

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